Your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed

Our commitment is to provide you with top-quality service in a cost-effective, professional manner. We can be your State of Georgia, Salt Lake City, Utah and New Orleans legal investigators and process servers.

We can be your process server, legal server, private investigator and legal investigator

Our private investigators, detectives, agents and support staff have the experience you need for your cases. Let us handle your Atlanta and Alpharetta private investigations.

We specialize in hard to serve and evasive individuals

Let us handle your State of Georgia, Salt Lake City, Utah, and New Orleans, process server needs. We offer on-call services and have 24/7 emergency services available!

Phoenix Legal Group, LLC

Private Investigator Alpharetta, GA | Process Serving in the New Orleans, Salt Lake City and Atlanta areas

We guarantee confidentiality. We have the license to perform all types of professional investigations, including legal support on court cases, infidelity investigation, missing persons, process serving, and the online monitoring of GPS units. Fully licensed and insured, let Phoenix Legal Group, LLC handle all your cases.

Phoenix Legal Group, LLC is a leader in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and New Orleans process serving. Contact us now if you live in these areas and discover the power of Phoenix.

All Mail Here: 251 Springs Xing, Canton, GA 30114

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